Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dynatrap DT1000 Insect Eliminator Review

Dynatrap DT1000 Insect Eliminator
Here is the Dynatrap DT1000 Insect Eliminator! The list price is $149, although it was recently relisted at a bit over $96.  It's a fan style unit, as opposed to one of the more expensive propane units. It's advertised by the manufacturer as having these features:  
  • Powerful but whisper quiet fan to trap insects into the retaining cage
  • Operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • May be used indoors or outdoors
  • Bulbs will last an estimated 3,000 hours or approximately 4 months
  • Dynatrap has a 10 feet cord and includes a cleaning brush and metal chain to hang
Now, we got our test model and found that it is fairly quiet, especially compared to other models we're tested.   Keep in mind is that while it is advertised as being for use indoor and outdoor, when it is outdoor it should certainly be under cover, just to keep it out of the rain. This Dynatrap unit is much less expensive to run, and much less maintenance, as other brands we've tested.

We also found that it catches basically anything that is small and that flys. Moths, flies, etc. So far we haven't caught any of the good garden bugs you'd want to keep though. So all is well on that front!

We haven't had the unit running long enough to change the bulb. But the bulbs only run about $10 for a pack. Seems like a good deal.

Overall a nice unit. Llightweight. It doesn't shoot out chemical odors. No zapping noises. No need for propane. No expensive parts to replace.  The Dynatrap DT1000 is just a fan that sucks up bugs, bug does quite a good job of it.

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