Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Malibu MZ102 Review

Malibu MZ102 Battery Powered Mosquito InhibitorOK - So the next item up for review is a the Malibu MZ102.  This little number is just that; a little number.  While it kills a little number of mosquitos (umm, zero), it sure packs a punch to get them out of the way! And sometimes that's all we need right? Good things do apparently come is small packages. And cheap packages - The Malibu is under $5 and good for one hundred feet.

It's a better powered device that drives away those mosquitoes with a chemical  called Linalool.  From our testing it seemed much more effective than Citronella. It has a smell, but it is much nicer and less abrasive than Citronella. The simplicity of it being battery powered is nice. And you don't have to fuss with any open flames, etc. And you can run it inside, if need be.

We did a test run where we left it on 24 hours a day. It lasted a bit over 2 weeks with the new batteries we had.

You won't have to spend much money to get those mosquitos of your deck for the Spring and Summer. The Malibu is cheap and looks sleek. The only other thing you'll need and some batteries. And the refill packets. Two refills are just under $10, but they last very long. We still haven't run out of our first one. =)

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